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>> How to Enrich Our Vocabulary <<


There are some people (especially students) think that English is one of scary subject. Don’t know why, perhaps, it just because we are lazy to out of our comfortable zone. We are so comfort with our environment include to our language. In this case, to solve the problem we must love English first and try to create a lovely sense of English.


Forget about the grammar and tenses. Make the way to learn English as we learn Indonesian when we are still a child. Did we think about the grammar at that time? The answer is absolutely “No”. Actually, a good grammar is necessary but it can be so hard for us to speak English fluently if we always think about the role. So, if we ignore about grammar, what should we learn first?. Let’s learn the vocabulary. Why? Because no matter how comprehend we are in tenses and grammar if we are lack in vocabulary, we think that it’s a bit little impossible for us to speak. In other hand, if we are rich of vocabulary we can speak up and another people still can be understand what we mean than silence.


The challenge is how does the way to memories English vocabulary? . In fact, we need 1200 vocabularies only to speak English. We need a strategy of course. Now, by this paper we would like to share a strategy to enrich our vocabulary. Let’s check out the following tips:


@     Enrich our vocabulary by using the cue-cards

Make only 5 cards a day. Write an English vocabulary together with a sample sentence. Don’t forget to write the meaning of the word and sentence in Indonesian behind the card. However, make some cards is easy but how to consistence in that way, it is a bit little so hard. You need to motivate yourself to do this.

@     Make some vocabulary in a mini note book.

We can write 10 new words with the meaning of words a day in one note book without forgetful about another vocabulary that we have written before. It will be better if we include the phonetic symbol that will show us how to pronounce that word. Try to bring and read it wherever we are.


@     Translate your own lovely songs

If we love sing a western song, try to find the text and translate our lovely song. It can help us to increase our vocabulary. Usually, western songs use a different expression that we commonly use in English. It is usually use idioms to emphasize the meaning of their songs. So, by translate the western song we are not only enrich our vocabulary but also enrich our expression.


Those are some of tips to improve our vocabulary. Anyway, one of English expert, Douglas Brown told about 5 principles of the effective learning English, they are :

  1. Way of life.

We must make English as a part of our life. It means that, we must try to use English everyday, wherever we are possible. We can read, listen, write and speak English in every chance we meet or create.


  1. Total Commitment

We must have a commitment to include English in our life physically, mental and emotional. Physically, we can try to listen, read and write in English. Mentally, we can try to think something in English. Example when we want to understand about English do not word by word but we try to know well bout another expression with the same meaning. Emotionally, we need high motivation to learn English and we need to find the positive things that we can enjoy as long as we learn English. All of the things can give the incredible energy for us to keep excited in learning English.


  1. Trying

We can’t learn about the theory only but also how to practice. One statement said that ‘ we never know until we have tried’. Just try, no matter we will make a mistake. We can learn from our mistaken to be better, better and be best.




  1. Beyond class activities

Make an unlimited class to learn English. We can improve our English wherever we are with whatever the way we enjoy.

  1. Strategies

Develop our own strategy based on our personality and our own study style.


To help us identify our study style, next we would life to give some kinds of study style. They are:

ü      Auditory learners

If we are kind of person who easy to learned by listening. It’s called auditory study style. It’s better for us to enrich the portion of our study with listening version such as listen our favorite song, listen English conversation in the film. Listen about the pronunciation, expression which is used, pay attention about the context or situation when the words or expression is used.

ü      Visual learners

It is kind of person who easy to learned through visual input ( picture and writing ). There are so many strategies that we can do such as read the English article, magazines or internet download article. Then we can recount with our own arrangement. No matter it is in writing or speaking version.

ü      Kinesthetic learners

It is kind of person who prefer to learn by doing something or moving. In this case, we can study by using computer (we can play or move our finger to type in keyboard or mouse), so we can’t be bored. We can join with English club because usually it has many activities and games.

Everybody can have more than one study style. But whatever the style we have we must identify it well to decide the best strategy of learning English for us so that we can get the best result and learning process can be more effective exactly. Just Try and Have A Good Luck…:-)       C




  1. the best!

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